a Campaign to build the floathouse

Launching a River Legacy


While construction of The Floathouse Small Craft Rental Center has begun with the driving of the seven pilings that will anchor the facility, additional funds must be raised in order to complete construction and purchase the rental fleet before opening to the public.

Launching A River Legacy: A Campaign to Build the Floathouse is underway and donors wishing to support this exciting project now and in the months ahead, can help us build The Floathouse and open to the public later this year.


Please consider making a serious investment in community building by making a financial donation to support the construction of The Floathouse Petaluma Boat Rental Center. Click here to donate.


There are a variety of naming and recognition opportunities available in honor or memory of our donors or those whom they choose to recognize with their gifts. Opportunities include The FloatHouse facility, office, docks, benches and restroom. There are also boat-naming opportunities throughout the fleet of small craft as well as other equipment including life jacket, paddles and oars. Click here for Naming and Recognition Opportunities.


By making a planned or deferred gift to PSCC through your will, trust, or estate plan, you can launch a lasting river legacy and help us maintain our commitment to accessible programming and facilities well into the future.
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Not everyone has heard about the project yet and what it will bring to the community. So please talk it up with those you know who care about the river, recreation, boats, kids and families.


Over $260,000— or more than one-quarter of the project goal of $1,000,000, has already been raised through the generosity of individuals, businesses, foundations or other public agencies.

This has funded the the project design, and engineering as well as the planning and permitting costs, plus the purchase of pilings and some docks. In order to spread out the cost of construction and open as soon as possible, the Floathouse project will be built in several phases:

  • Phase 1 - To open to the public, an additional $250-$350K will need to be raised for the pile driving, additional docks, the office tent and the boat rental fleet. Our immediate goal is to raise $65K for the remaining Floathouse docks, so that all of the docks can be installed in the Turning Basin by late fall of this year.

  • Phase 2 - Once The Floathouse is open, a public restroom with a shower will be built at Cavanagh Landing Park at a cost of approximately $150K. PSCC will then donate the restroom to the City of Petaluma to operate and maintain.

  • Phase 3 - After the Petaluma River is fully dredged, the iconic Floathouse office building and the dock to float it will be built to replace the interim office tent at a cost of approximately $250K.

This exciting project offers long awaited strategic and affordable access to our incredible Petaluma River, right on the Turning Basin! It is with my perspective as a civil engineer and construction professional that I can speak to the cost effective design of the overall project, and attractive aesthetic of the architectural features we will soon see on our river. PSCC has had the tenacity and commitment to pursue this project through myriad challenges getting us to this point. This is indeed the right project at the right time!
— Gina M. Benedetti-Petnic, C.E., former City of Petaluma Planning Commissioner and current City Engineer