Success Stories

In over a decade of summer camps, we’ve changed the lives of hundreds of kids. During every annual Day on The River, hundreds of people of all ages experience the Petaluma River as our community’s “longest park”.


Summer Camps: Group Effort and Joy


Sometimes we’re so involved in introducing our campers to the joys of people-powered boating on the Petaluma River, we forget to introduce ourselves. We are Petaluma Small Craft Center, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit dedicated to affording river access to all.

Our summer camps, including rowing, Hawaiian outrigger canoeing, kayaking, stand up paddling, sailing and K1 kayak racing, have given hundreds of kids the chance to experience our river as a recreational resource.

And while we do introduce ourselves as the organizers and managers of these camps, we rely on our partners in the boating community to take care of the instruction: North Bay Rowing Club, Lokahi Outrigger Canoe Club, O Hana Va’a Outrigger Canoe Club, River Town Racers and Clavey Paddlesports, as well as experienced sailing instructors in the community, all lend their expertise to our campers, giving them a top-notch, variety-filled boating learning experience unavailable anywhere else in the area.

“I had no idea the River could be so much fun!”

— Camper

Day on The River: A Peek at FloatHouse Possibilities


Almost every year since 200X, we’ve hosted a community-wide event to introduce people of all ages to people-powered boating on the Petaluma River. Traditionally, we’ve held Day on The River on the first Sunday in June, for the past several years in the Turning Basin, future site of The FloatHouse Boat Rental Center.

For this event, our volunteers and board members have gathered the widest possible variety of boats and instructors from businesses and clubs around the area, to simulate the ideal FloatHouse experience. We’ve borrowed Hobie Mirage Pedal Kayaks from Wind Toys in Santa Rosa, Adirondack guide boats from The Guideboat Company in Sausalito, Hawaiian outrigger canoes from local clubs Lokahi and Ohana Va’a, kayaks and stand up paddle boards from Clavey Paddlesports and SUPs from Petaluma SUP, and have used our own Whitehall rowing boats from our small original fleet.

Charging only a nominal fee to adults and allowing kids 12 and under to participate for free, we have created Day on The River as an enticing picture of what The FloatHouse will be able to provide. It’s your river, your legacy. Donate today so that every day can be a Day on The River . 

It’s our joy to see members of the wider community laughing and sharing their joy at propelling themselves in all manner of people-powered boats. Their enjoyment is our fuel, our motivation to build The FloatHouse and its fleet, to help the community gain year-round access to the Petaluma River in eco-friendly, quiet, and inspirational small water craft.

This family has been participating in Day on The River for years; we’ve watched this little guy grow!

This family has been participating in Day on The River for years; we’ve watched this little guy grow!


FloatHouse Community: Volunteers & Donors


The FloatHouse is a community project. Volunteers from all over the area, some boaters, some not, have helped us over the years in innumerable ways.

Volunteers have helped us with summer camps, with Day on The River, and with all the preliminary work required to get the seven fiberglass pilings in place for The FloatHouse, including taking soundings in the Turning Basin, meeting with representatives of the San Francisco Bay Area Water Trail, State Lands and of course the City of Petaluma, scrubbing and transporting the low docks that will be the definitive feature allowing small craft use in the Turning Basin, both on land and on water, creating actions around the need for dredging our river… the list goes on.

Now that The FloatHouse project is shovel ready, we need your help. Donations to fund the project, from naming pilings and boats and portions of dock to making in-kind donations of labor and materials are necessary, but so are hosting fundraising events and participating in word-of-mouth publicity for the project. The Petaluma River belongs to all of us. Please help PSCC gain access for all of us.

“It’s been my pleasure to volunteer in PSCC’s efforts to educate the public and our representatives about the need for dredging, by staging "“Hands Across the Mud” and the “Camping Trip to ‘Siltigan’s Island.’”

— Maggie Hohle, volunteer

“Moving the docks to and from the Turning Basin was a great way to build community and get an idea of what The FloatHouse will offer!”

— Donec Consectetur