The incredible support that we receive from the community never ceases to amaze and inspire our team as we work together to build a better community, a truly great Rivertown, through boating. 

We count our organization lucky to have had the college men and women from SSU’s crew team there to lift and load the 40’ 550 pound Floathouse pilings, or North Bay Rowing Club’s masters rowers helping instruct and get folks out on the river during our annual Day On The River event—or all of them again, plus the River Town Racers and NBRC Juniors teams pitching in to help lift, launch and assemble The Floathouse docks last summer in order to drive the pilings. 

There are always opportunities to help our organization with its work to improve access to the Petaluma River for all. If you’re interested in helping out, please contact us: 

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