The Floathouse Petaluma

Frequently Asked Questions

Where in Petaluma’s Turning Basin will The FloatHouse be located?

The Floathouse will be located in the northwest corner of the downtown PetalumaTurning Basin, near the ramp and gangway leading from the River Plaza down to the City’s commercial docks. It will be built on 180 feet of new docks extending southwest from the existing docks along the shoreline behind TAPS restaurant. The public restroom will be built at Cavanagh Landing Park at 150 Weller Street, on the eastern side of the river.

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How much will The FloatHouse cost?

Building new river access infrastructure isn’t cheap. However, $260,000, or more than one-quarter of the one-million dollar project goal has already been raised to fund the project design, engineering, planning and permitting, as well as the purchase of some of the construction materials. In order to open as soon as possible, the project will be built in several phases:

Phase 1 - To open to the public, an additional $250-$350K will need to be raised for the pile driving, additional docks, an interim office tent, and the boat rental fleet—depending on the size and makeup of the rental fleet.

Phase 2 - Once the Floathouse is open, a public restroom with a shower will be built at Cavanagh Landing Park for approximately $150K, which PSCC will then donate to the City of Petaluma to operate and maintain.

Phase 3 - After the Petaluma River is dredged, the iconic Floathouse office building and the dock to float it will be built to replace the interim office tent for an estimated $250K.

When can we expect The FloatHouse to open?

In addition to being costly, building new river access infrastructure requires navigating a labyrinth of design, planning and permitting processes. The Floathouse project is now shovel-ready, fully permitted, and approved. All that stands between the community and year-round river access is funding.

In September of 2018, the Floathouse pilings were driven, beginning the first phase of construction. Recently, the piling sleeves and caps were installed to further protect the pilings. If our fundraising goes to plan, we buy the remaining Floathouse docks and assemble and install them in the Turning Basin late this fall. The boat racks and interim office will come next, along with the rental boat fleet, by summer of 2020.

How will construction be funded?

Launching a River Legacy: A Campaign to Build The Floathouse, has already begun, providing multiple naming and recognition opportunities for people wanting to become involved in this exciting project. Instead of the traditional brick, bench, or room, people will be able to buy a section of dock or a piling, or something much less expensive, such as life jackets, paddles, or oars—all tax-deductible donations.

Others may prefer to show their support by buying one of the many different boats we plan to provide in our rental fleet. PSCC will also seek in-kind donations of office equipment and supplies as well as construction materials to help reduce the costs of the Floathouse office and restrooms.

What if I already have a boat of my own?

For people who already own their own boat, the Floathouse will still provide a convenient launching spot, with easily accessible low floating docks. Visiting people-powered boaters will also be welcome to stop and tie-up while exploring Petaluma’s historic waterfront shops and restaurants, or to use the new public restroom we will build at Cavanagh Landing Park.

What about dredging?

Nearly, ten years ago, when we first began the Floathouse project, no one would have believed that we would still be waiting for the Petaluma River to be dredged. Yet here we are, and while ongoing efforts show promise for dredging in the next few years, in the meantime it is affecting the Floathouse project too. The City of Petaluma has agreed to let PSCC use a much lighter and flexible, durable and high-quality event tent to serve as an interim office until the river can be dredged and the iconic Floathouse office building and docks can be built.