Bringing boat rentals and Petaluma River access to the whole community


The floathouse campaign

Invest in River Access

River access is a community asset. The Floathouse Small Craft Rental Center will quickly become an exciting fixture on the waterfront—a bright, vibrant magnet for public access to the Petaluma River.

Will you join us in helping make Petaluma a world-class Rivertown? We need your help. Only if we pull together as a community, will we be able to build The Floathouse: dock by dock, piling by piling, boat by boat and board by board… 


Building community through boating

The Floathouse will be a “beacon of boating” and a launching point for fun and adventure on the river. It will complement the community’s recreation and education resources through classes, camps, and a variety of boating events for everyone.


Build It And They Will Boat!

Did we mention that we need your help? Yes, we do, and in order to honor our donors, or those whom they choose to recognize with their gifts, there are a variety of naming and recognition opportunities available for The Floathouse project.