Planning for the future

Our River, Your Legacy


By making a planned or deferred gift to PSCC through your will, trust, or estate plan, you can create a powerful legacy and help ensure that the values you cherish are passed on to future generations. 

If you have created a planned gift for the Petaluma Small Craft Center, or would like to do so, please let us know. We want to be sure that we are maintaining your trust in our mission. 

How do I make a gift to PSCC through my will?

The most common planned gift is a simple bequest, which can be made through your will or trust, using the following language:

“I, [name], of [city, state, zip], give, devise, and bequeath to the Petaluma Small Craft Center (EIN# 27-2253299), P.O. Box #56, Petaluma, CA 94953, [insert a written dollar amount, a percentage of the estate, or list specific real and personal property] for the benefit of its general purposes.”

Remember, a bequest is revocable and can be changed to meet your personal or family needs at any time. This is merely suggested wording. Please consult your attorney or an estate planning professional when preparing legal documents.

What if I already have a will and just want to add PSCC to it?

If you already have a valid, up-to-date will and wish to include a bequest to the Petaluma Small Craft Center, it is not necessary to draft an entirely new will. Instead, the required language for the bequest usually can be added by making a codicil, or amendment, to your existing will at a modest cost. Click here for sample language.

I have heard that there are other types of planned gifts that cost me little or nothing to make. What are they?

In this economy, the easiest gifts to make also cost you nothing–but they could make a big difference to the Petaluma Small Craft Center and our mission to improve river access, now and for future generations.

  • It’s simple to designate the Petaluma Small Craft Center as beneficiary of your checking or savings accounts, certificates of deposit (CDs), or other financial accounts. Just ask the manager at your financial institution how these beneficiary designations can be made.

  • The same holds true if you have stocks, bonds, or mutual fund shares in brokerage accounts–and remember, you maintain full control over these accounts during your lifetime. Make the Petaluma Small Craft Center beneficiary of your Individual Retirement Account (IRA) and leave other assets–those not subject to income taxes–to benefit your family members and friends.

  • It’s easy to make the Petaluma Small Craft Center a beneficiary of a life insurance policy that you or your family no longer need. If your circumstances change, these gifts are revocable, and may be changed.

In addition to costing you nothing, these gifts are easy to make, and will also provide your estate a charitable deduction! For further information, or to notify PSCC of your intentions to make a planned gift, please contact us at or call (707) 293-3685.

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